Asian WomenEdit

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Asian women are a type of girl hailing from Asia. They are able to store an immense amount of knowledge which made them very popular companions before the invention of computers. They also have a deep need to be entered. All you need is a credit card and lots of money. Sometimes men are afflicted with a horrible disease called yellow fever which dominates their life, and their credit.


Asian women can be extremely dangerous if angered, see here. If you wish to advance, be warned.


Asian women come in many types, some more famous than the other, all will be listed here.

Chinese WomenEdit

Chinese women are the most populous of all Asian women. In order to get one you will need to seem fascinated with Chinese culture and maybe even learn some Chinese. This will not work with Asian Americans however as they will recognize your intentions and use kung fu on you.

Japanese WomenEdit

Japanese women are most populous in Japan yet will rarely appear in China. They are believed to be the cutest of all Asian women yet also have the hairiest snatch. To get one of these women you will need to either play video games or "randomly" meet them. If you try to learn Japanese you will be labeled as a weaboo unless you are Asian, so never use the Chinese method here.

Korean WomenEdit


Korean women are said to be the sexiest of all Asian women, yet have the most chance of a break up. Not much is known about how to obtain and keep a Korean woman though because half of them can't leave Korea. If you try to mate with a South Korean woman she will respond that you should leave.

Vietnamese WomenEdit

You should be safe applying normal methods here, but if you're American, you will be sacrificed in the name of Communism. 

Filipina WomenEdit

Filipina women have Spanish ancestry, which for some might end their hopes in them. As they are looked down on by lots they open their legs up extremely easily.

Singaporean WomenEdit

Singaporean women are native to Singapore, which is not part of China.  They are descended from Chinese settlers and may have some Malaysian ancestry. All you need to acquire one is too have lots of money and shower her with gifts.