Death MetalEdit

AmonAmarth cr Photoshot 2009

Most Death Metallers will have long hair and are uncapable of smiling.

Death Metal is mainly about fluffy cute turtles and cows. They love pigs so much they try to sound like them while others prefer cookie monster, and thus have cookie monster vocals.


Melodic Death Metal - When regular death metal isn't melodic enough. Has the most love songs in the genre.

Technical Death Metal - The type of DM created when a Sci-Fi fan likes metal. The songs are usually about Tron, or the Matrix.

Brutal Death Metal - The genre is not as the name implies it usually has many parts without the usual drums, bass, and guitars. Also has lots of clean singing.

Christian Death Metal - About 99.9% of DM bands are Christian but some love Jesus so much they can't stop playing Christian DM. The largest band in the genre is Deicide who have spread the word of Jesus all over the world.